Welcome Ladies!

Thank Goodness you found the Shinty page. Best internet decision you've ever made. 

Shinty (according to the di
A game resembling field hockey traditionally played in the Highlands of Scotland.

Shinty (according to us): 
Welcome to the best sport you will ever play.
The game is played with a ball and a stick, so in this way, it is similar to hockey. However, matches are a little more contact and the rules differ slightly. This means that the majority of players coming to St Andrews are complete beginners - yet we still manage to get a superb team together! Whether you are wanting something competitive or just some fun, shinty is a great sport for everyone.

Shinty, to us, is a crazy rollercoaster of a game made up of one big multicultural, super immature family that love one another dearly.  

If Carlsberg did teams... it would be an AWFUL lot like this.

[*If this description doesn't convince you then COME TO PRACTICE. Literally any practice you like. We'll convince you there. :) ]

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 Wed 12th of September, 1pm-3pm

DRA Pitches