Why we joined...

I joined shinty for many reasons. I had heard about the sport from my academic Dad who was on the men's team and through him and a number of friends I made I always seemed to crash their parties and I definitely liked their style. Once the year got going, I felt it was too late to join and I didn't want to be a newbie. I really missed the family feeling of a close team that I had experienced in High School and could tell shinty had. I felt a growing isolation from some friends I had made in halls in Fresher's week and was beginning to be extremely affected by the situation, I knew I needed something to distract me and shinty was just the trick! I was immediately accepted into the team, shown the ropes of the sport, and face painted in the pub. I never felt like the new kid, I was just part of the team! I have never looked back and I am now known as Shorty Buu! and your Chieftain 2012-2013.
Caitlin Reid

I joined the wonderful world of shinty because I wanted to try something new at Uni which would also allow me to meet a good group of people! Shinty has been the best decision I have made at Uni! The sport is awesome and the team really support each other! Off the pitch, the social side of shinty is renowned and is great craic altogether. I also joined shinty because I played Hurley back home in Ireland and there are similarities between the two. Come and give it a go! You would be mad not to!
Alannah Savage

Two words: The Pub.
Jasmine Wheelhouse

I did a lot of rowing at school; I trained almost every day for 4 years and it was very competitive. I loved to keep fit and be part of a team but it took me a while to realise that I no longer enjoyed the actual sport. When I came to university, I wanted to do something different and something fun. I'd never played a stick game before and I couldn't hit the ball at all but everyone was so welcoming and it was lovely to do something just for fun. Shinty is a fantastic sport and one which you can take as seriously as you want to. There are lots of fun tournaments but the team also does very well in the University League. But whether you are on the team or not (same goes for on and off the pitch!), shinty is guaranteed to be some of the best times of your university life!
Roisin McMillan

I joined because I heard it was a really social, friendly club and I needed something to make me do a bit of exercise once or twice a week. Beer and Vitamin D! Shinty win.
Greta Scott-Larsen

I came to uni wanting to try new things, and shinty is something I would never have had the opportunity to try at the other universities I'd applied to. Aside from this it felt friendly and welcoming - and the social side of things is excellent!
Conni Pope

I joined because at Lacrosse "taster" session I ran at the side of the pitch whilst other girls who could play lacrosse played lacrosse. At hockey, I was put into defence with two other beginners and we were put in a team who hated us because we were made to play a tournament and lost it. In shinty, they told us how to hold my stick and that we shouldn't worry because there was an ATM on the way to the pub. Clear choice.
Rachael Borthwick

I joined because I missed my childhood of being forced to be out in the cold, wet and mud. I also wanted to be in a team of winners, in the pub if not on the pitch. And I liked the burn in my thighs and bum after the first fitness practice.
Kate Carter

I’ve always loved sport, am highly competitive and like the majority of people, wanted to try something new at Uni, so shinty was perfect. What I particularly liked was that it didn’t matter at all if you haven’t had any experience of playing the game before, not many people had. Everyone starts at the same level and you’re encouraged to play to whatever standard suits you best. So whether you’re merely doing it for a bit of fun, to keep fit, or because you want to play competitively, shinty seems to be able to accommodate you.
Heini Davies